stokke xplory - closer is better

The ultimate connection stroller, is how Stokke presents their Xplory. Designed to be close - and for me, being new to this whole baby world, it's something that sounds very good. It's high, to bring your child closer, which takes care of  interaction and eye contact between you and your newborn.

New in their collection is the all black version, whit a base in black, which makes the design of this stroller even stronger. And let's be honest, this designs makes it also very tough and suitable for my husband,  daddy-to be, to walk with, including our all black dog ;)

Last week we got the chance to make a test-walk. Which was strange, because our little one is still in my belly, but it was also very nice to experience this walk and see how the stroller works. Because of the adjustable height and the mobility of the stroller it makes it very relaxing to walk with. You should definitely watch the movie, where the designer tells a little bit more about the story behind the design and how it's created.

Read more about the Stokke Xplory here, I'm very enthusiastic and I can't wait to make our first 'real' walk.

xoxo Vivian